Welcome to Singing Bird Apps

We are focused on providing superior tools for users of the Salesforce platform. Our applications are designed to complement and enhance your Salesforce experience, optimizing performance and efficiency.

Making Salesforce AppExchange App Development as simple as child's play.

Our Strategy

Understand the needs of Salesforce users and create innovative, user-friendly applications to meet those needs. We focus on staying ahead of trends, continuously improving, and delivering high-quality tools that drive business growth.

Our Vision

we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses utilize Salesforce. By developing innovative applications, we strive to enhance productivity, provide data-driven insights, and empower businesses to reach new heights of success

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to deliver excellence in every application we develop. We innovate to meet the evolving needs of businesses using Salesforce. With our solutions, we aim to unlock your business potential and foster growth.